Castlemaine Historical Society Inc.


Forthcoming Events


Research Repository - CHSI Opening Hours Society is open for "drop-in" research visitors to carry out research and other enquiries.


Each Tuesday 9am to 3pm

Historic Houses Tour
Tickets $15 on sale at any house.
Maps and notes from the Visitors Information Centre,

Mostyn Street, Castlemaine on the day.
Contact: 042 783 1426.


Sunday 5th November 2017, 10am-4pm

General Meetings
Former Courthouse, 7 Goldsmith Crescent, Castlemaine.
Guest Speakers:

John Dettmer: “Policing in Castlemaine”

Vince Cappy & Bill Maltby: “Castlemaine Rotary Club”

Juliet Simpson: Richard Colles, “2nd Sheriff of Castlemaine”

Lorrainne Callister: “Will, My Unknown Soldier”



First Monday each month at 7.30pm


6th March

3rd April

1st May

5th June

Raffle Drawn

1st May.


Guided Walks - Town, Gold Commissioner's Camp, Cobb & Co,
Cemetery, Campbells Creek etc.  can be arranged by contacting 5472 1425


Should a CODE RED day be declared in the North Central Fire District,
            any Society activity on that day will be cancelled.